American System - Badr International Schools

American System Badr International Schools consists of both the American and the British System. We offer a friendly and productive learning environment for the sake of our students’ academic and social development that we take extremely seriously.

American System

The American system of education places a lot of importance on co-curricular activities in addition to theoretical learning to ensure a balanced development of students. The American diploma is accepted for entrance by all US universities and colleges, and is increasingly being recognised by international schools of higher education in Egypt.
In the middle school years, more arts electives and second languages such as French or German are added. In the high school, options expand further still to include more languages, business studies, sciences and design technology.
Students have choices in both middle and high schools, but must study a minimum of six subject
areas throughout — and most study  seven or eight,

"The exams are based on the standards set for each course. 
The American diploma is awarded when the number of credits required by the school are earned
by the student, generally at the completion of grade 12, when students are 18 years of age. “American system focuses on:

Critical thinking.
Independent learning.

Our American division currently consists of the following academic levels:

.G1 .G2 .G3 .G4 .G5 .G6 .G7.G8