FAQs - Badr International Schools

FAQs Badr International Schools was successfully established in the year 2015 in Suez Governorate, Egypt.

1.       What makes BIS stand out from other International Schools?

 ‘A new generation of education’ – This is what we stand for here at BIS, following the leading example of the Egyptian Armed Forces. The Egyptian Armed Forces are the military forces of Egypt and are one of the largest in Africa, the Middle East, and the world.

 They believe in the importance of providing the very best education for all citizens/non citizens of Egypt in order to have the necessary and essential tools to develop a stronger and stable nation.

Based on this specific concept, the Egyptian Armed Forces decided they’d establish Badr International Schools and strive for it to be the best International School for the majority of the people, where the highest quality of education is provided.

To enhance the level of education and to create an encouraging and productive learning environment at BIS, the Egyptian Armed Forces decided to build the most up to date school buildings and facilities. They also made sure to provide scholastic fees that are convenient and affordable for the average Egyptian citizen/non citizen.


We, the BIS community and family, are proud followers of the Egyptian Army’s code of conduct and we of course share the same goals and visions about how crucial it is to integrate strong and steady core values, as well as principles, with education.


2.       What is the story behind the name BADR?


Badr was the name of Egypt’s Third Field Army Forces during the 6th of October war in 1973.


3.       What exactly is the Army’s relationship with education?


The Egyptian Army has always been known as the association of discipline, laws and structure.

Education also depends on those three important and essential factors and this is why the Egyptian Armed Forces are considered to be extremely capable of creating a new generation of education that will help develop a much better nation.